Black & White Folios

I have started presenting my work in a new format I  discovered from Lenswork magazine. The techniques of this presentation style were acquired through a video tutorial presented by Brooks Jensen. See above for a sample contents of the folios and  below for the definition of the folio concept  that I borrowed from Lenswork, since I think it provides an excellent description of this format.

“What is a folio? Think of it as a hybrid between an individual print and a book. It’s a collection of unbound prints – book-size rather than wall-size prints. Because they are unbound, they can be handled individually, are meant for viewing by hand, but can be matted and framed if you choose to. The prints in a folio are presented in an embossed and die-cut art paper enclosure, and feel more like a single collection than a random pile of prints. Like a book, they are typically monographs or thematic, and contain a number of prints that explore a photographic theme more deeply than is possible with a single “greatest hits” image.”

All folios are printed on Harman Gloss FB AL paper using Epson K3 pigment inks. Each image is printed on 8.5 x 11 inch paper and are approximately 6×9 inches. The number of prints in each folios will vary according the images presented in the posts. Each folio will contain  a folio cover, text signature page, images, velum cover sheet and clear bag.

Please contact me at, if  you are interested in purchasing any folios presented on this blog.

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