My History in Black & White Photography

Photography is the medium I use as an artistic outlet and counter balance  to my work life in the corporate world.

I have been involved in photography for more 20 years and I have chosen to express my vision in shades of grey, also known as black and white.

In the beginning, I processed images by hand in a darkroom, where film and prints required numerous chemical substances before a photograph could be realized. With the advent of digital photography, I was under the false notion that chemical based photography was somehow superior and I resisted experimenting with this new medium, until only last year. My first foray with digital photography was  scanning film and printing older images via a printer. I soon discovered that the quality of  photographs produced digitally were of equal or superior quality to my hand processed images. I was convinced!

This new medium has allowed me to expand my audience by presenting portfolios on the internet. All images presented on this forum or on my web site are available for sale. Only the highest quality materials are used to produce these images , such as, 100% cotton rag papers and carbon based inks.

3 thoughts on “My History in Black & White Photography

  1. I really like your graffiti images, great technique with light and focus, each one of these really tell a story. Thanks for stopping by my corner of the web and following my blog, I hope you continue to enjoy my images. Thanks again for sharing your work!

  2. While there is something incredible about the feel and experience of darkroom images, digital offers such freedom and less waste of film and chemicals. I love the black and white and enjoyed the graffiti also. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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