Old Montreal

Old Montreal was founded on the banks of the St. Lawrence River in 1642 by a group of French settlers.  The 17th century French settlement, initially baptized Ville-Marie, would grow and change quickly. Through its’ evolution, Old Montreal would become a fortified town in the 18th century, the political and commercial hub of Upper and Lower Canada in the early 19th century, the heart of a metropolis in the early 20th century symbolized by the towering head offices of our Canadian banks and now a historic city centre.

In the spring of 2009, I travelled with my family from Toronto to visit an unwell relative. During this sombre sojourn, I found time one early Sunday morning to visit the historic city centre. The south shore is a short jaunt to Old Montreal; but, somehow I still managed to head in the wrong direction and ended in a maze of detours caused by the commencement of the road construction season. Eventually, I found my destination on a gloomy overcast day; the mood cast by the purpose of our family trip. Initially, the city streets were vacant except for the men and their large trucks responsible for removing the daily refuse from the previous day activities. Walking the quiet cobblestone roads, I acclimatized myself to the rich architectural history near the old port and set on documenting the passage of time.

The images in this folio were all taken during this Sunday morning tour of one North America’s oldest cities.

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