A Small Key Opens Big Doors

The door, has many meanings in our daily lives from the literal, where it represents the portal of entry into a building or structure; to the Mystical, where it can predict unexpected good fortune, missed opportunities and myriad of other fates. Doors have been prominent in song and even bands have taken the name. They can represent policy in foreign affairs and the business world. Throughout the world, this simple structure has had many meanings to people and their cultures.

Over the years, my eye has been drawn to architectural elements one of them being doors. My wife has often wondered at this fascination, but I was unable to describe the attraction. As I sat back and reflected to their meaning, I kept returning to a mystical definition of doors that I had read. In my early teens, I had a desire to become an architect, but somehow I abandoned the idea. Maybe, I have been taking pictures of doors, all these years, to depict the lost opportunity of my possible career in architecture. As I further reflected on this idea, I came across a Turkish proverb, which became the title of this folio.

The images in the folio were taken in my hometown, Toronto, over numerous years in the early weekend mornings.

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